The Best Winter Coats

At around the tender age of 16, I began feeling somewhat fashion conscious and began taking great pride in making sure my appearance made people think ‘wow‘. This has carried on today, now at the ripe age of nineteen years old, my fashion style resembles something similar to the ‘Made In Chelsea’ reality TV stars (if that’s what you can call them): sophisticated, classy, stylish – everything most women aim to be.

Ever since this love for fashion flourished, I became a little bit obsessed with coats – even still today, and perhaps even more so. Whenever I’d go out, even a simple activity such as going to M&S to get some milk, somehow I’d end up in Zara or Topshop staring in awe at the wide ranging selection of coats on offer. Who knew someone would be so obsessive over coats? Jamie Dornan, yes, but coats? No. But I believe it’s due to the fact coats are such a statement yet classy piece of clothing that will never go out of style, giving me an excuse to spend, spend, spend.

For me, over-sized coats are everything. Every single coat I have owned has been over-sized, long-line – the epitome of the so-called masculine Tomboy ish style, something I absolutely adore. Whatever the colour the coat may be, there’s no doubt in my mind that I’d love it and want to buy it. Whats more, the current 2016 AW trend is long coats so I am in my element going shopping at the moment; even happier when I find a bargain in the sales! Personally I think long coats are way more flattering and way more trendy, sophisticated and classy than any other length because they make you feel so much more confident and help you to carry yourself in an air that makes others around you gawp and salivate with jealousy (trust me, countless times people have stopped me in the street to ask me where my coats are from).

Take my word for it, long coats are so effortless, sophisticated and sexy and are great for all occasions. Whatever your style may be, a long coat will always look good. Tomboy ish chic – yes. Hobo chic – yes. Trendy chic – yes. Daytime chic – yes. Evening chic – yes. You simply cannot go wrong, so I highly recommend purchasing one, especially whilst the sales are on… bag yourself a bargain!

Over-sized coats are everything

Additionally, I also am in love with fur coats – though not real fur because they not only are waaay out of my price range, they’re quite obviously unethical and not something I condone, despite the fact they’re beautiful. Nevertheless, faux fur makes me happy – such as my bargain fur jacket from Next costing just £35.

But anyway, here are some of my favourite coats around I have seen recently whilst browsing Pinterest – my favourite hobby.

{Colour block.}:
I love the use of blocked colours in this coat. (My whole wardrobe is pretty much black, white and grey – which is probably why this is ranked so highly on my list!)
Green fur coat:
The colour of this fur coat is simply divine. I have a similar one to this from Next and it’s definitely the best purchase I have ever made.
Although leather jackets aren’t usually my thing, this one is something else. The use of embroidery really transform this coat, oozing personality.
The colour of this coat is beautiful:
Rust is one of my all-time favourite colours for autumn, although it is always so difficult to find the perfect colour!
Geometric jacket:
The use of geometric shapes and colour in this coat is amazing. The electric blue adds character and personality and would be perfectly teamed with a simplistic combo of black trousers, black top and Chelsea boots.
The main reason this is on my list is because when I saw this I fell in love with the colour. For me, colour is everything and this is so beautiful – green can be paired with pretty much anything you like!
You can never ever go wrong with a tan/camel coloured coat like this one. The perfect colour that, again, goes with pretty much anything and can be both casual and formally styled.

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