Beat the Bitter Winter Weather

The harsh exposure to the winter wind can cause havoc with our skin and dry it out, so it’s important to use the right skincare to prevent this. I have always had difficulty with my skin and finding the perfect product that’s right for you can be a real pain in the derriere. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of face creams out there to help us and breathe life back into our otherwise sorrowful skin, and they don’t have to cost a fortune either.

Using a skincare product you can use daily and replace accordingly is essential for the well-being of your skin, and finding one that doesn’t come with a costly price tag would be convenient for us all – important for young people, such as myself, with little disposable income at hand. Brands propose that skin care items have to cost an arm and a leg in order to guarantee they work effectively, but you’ll be happy to know this isn’t the case. There are a vast range of creams you can buy from plenty of high-street stores for as little as £10. As long as your moisturiser is nourishing and relatively oil-free, you will easily banish away your dry skin, replacing it with a flawless finish.

Recently, particularly due to the weather changes and stress, my skin has been absolutely dreadful. As a result I have tried countless moisturisers from high-street stores, in particular Boots – below are some of my favourite finds.

My favourite bargain buys:

Neutrogena® Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Moisturiser – 50ml, £4.99, Boots

This moisturiser doesn’t just nourish the skin, but it helps to reduce spots and redness, which we’re all a victim of. Adding to this, the grapefruit scent is to die for. (Neutrogena Visibly Clear is currently [20/01/2017] on offer – 2 for £5)

Clean & Clear® Advantage® Clear & Soothe Daily Scrub  150ml, £4.99, Boots

This has been one of my most recent buys. It’s exfoliating micro-beads and aloe vera effectively help to block pores and make skin smoother, softer and less prone to spots. A difference is seen at once.

Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Face Cream 5% Urea50ml, £11.00, Boots

Eucerin rids you of dry skin thanks to the added 5% of urea to help regulate your skin’s moisture, immediately softening it. The cream absorbs into the skin quickly and is perfect if you have sensitive skin.

Ponds Triple Action Moisturiser – 50ml, £4.99, Boots

This pot of magic is great value for money at just £5. The moisturiser applies to the skin smoothly and soaks in quickly, great for a daily cream. It instantly helps your dehydrated skin look more alive and healthy  – something everyone wants at this time of year!

Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Day Cream – 50ml, £5.25, Boots

This moisturiser leaves skin feeling smooth and looking clear, whilst combating wrinkles and lines before they even appear. An added bonus is that it’s great for sensitive skin so you know the ingredients aren’t too harsh.

Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream For Dry and Sensitive Skin SPF1550ml, £3.00, Boots

The Nivea brand is well-renowned for being great with dry skin, so when I found this in Boots I bought it straight away. It quickly absorbed into the skin and felt like it lasted all day, leaving my skin feeling light and soft despite wearing makeup.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion – 300ml, £5.10, Boots

Aveeno was introduced to me a few years ago and is one of my personal favourites for moisturising all over my by body. It is so easy to apply and leaves skin feeling soft and light, as opposed to some that leave skin feeling clogged up

E45 Dermatological Cream – 350g, £7.09, Boots

E45 is perfect for dry skin and is clinically proven to treat dry, flaking and rough skin that can be caused by cold weather. Priced at just £7, this cream is by no means glam, but it does it work extremely well.

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask – 50ml, £5.99, Boots

An alternative is a face mask – the pure clay mask from the collection of three removes impurities and cleanses the skin, making it look brighter and feel so much softer.

Beat that bitter winter weather!

With love,



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