Style Files: How To Wear the Androgynous Trend

The feminine tomboy look has been one of my go-to styles for a while now. It’s simple, it’s stylish, requires minimal effort, yet still looks great. The simplicity is something I absolutely adore and is something I turn to when I don’t fancy being particularly girly or bold in my outfits.

For some of you reading this, you may associate the androgynous style with being suited and booted, or even perhaps wearing tracksuits? No, that is not the case. For me the trend is defined as a mixture of elements of both female and male fashion. Over-sized jumpers and shirts, dungarees/pinafores and simple block colours are some examples of the feminine tomboy styles. The androgynous style is basic and consists of standard colours, such as white, black, grey, dark green and navy – particularly based on the contents of my wardrobe. Read on if you want to find out how to wear this tomboy trend in a sophisticated manner and turn heads in the street in an uncomplicated and painless way.

The Main Elements

Long-Line Coats

The perfect coat length would be somewhere in between your knee and the middle of your calf. Long coats hide your frame, something common in male fashion. This look is made feminine by the use of bold colours (as seen below) and pairing with a bold handbag, or even a pair of sunglasses.


Shirts are notoriously a masculine trend, but they have now become a very feminine style. Teaming a shirt with a jumper, whether with a hint of a shirt coming out of the bottom, or with the collar poking out of the top (seen below) – it creates a sophisticated look that can easily be pulled off. This is the type of outfit I used to wear to sixth form last year because it’s a stunning smart-casual look that requires little effort when you’re in a rush.


The over-sized look isn’t something associated with femininity, but this is a thing of the past now with many women adopting this look. A variety of clothes for women come in over-sized styles today, from over-sized jumpers, to coats to ‘boyfriend’ trousers.

Simple Colours

Men’s fashion is traditionally known for being fairly minimalist and bland, and this is what the androgynous look is down to a T. Masculinity is embraced by using block colours and keeping outfits fairly simple, a common favourite being a monochrome look or plain black. My favourite look is the picture on the right, whereby the style captures the trend whilst still being feminine by the use of a handbag and a bold red lip to contrast.

Androgynous style = simple, block colours

With love,



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