How to Style the Sports Luxe Trend

A number of designers have been obsessed with the sports luxe trend for a few seasons now and it looks like it’s here to stay. Fashion designers have shown us that despite looking sporty, the trend can still look chic and stylish. For example, Victoria Beckham closed her New York Fashion Week catwalk show last year in a pair of baggy trousers and Adidas trainers, proving that a pair of trainers can look as good as a pair of heels that most opt for on the runway.

This trend is so easy to pull off, so it’s a must-have wardrobe look to have at hand. This style is meant to be a subtle way to show everyone your ‘active’ side – without having to go to go within arms-length of a treadmill – in a stylish manner as everyday wear. Definitely my type of style and the concept around it is fantastic.

Here are some of my favourite looks:


The sports luxe trend tends to include pieces of clothing that are black and white. This can be in a variety of different styles, from an over-sized top, a skirt and trainers to a more feminine styled outfit of a monochrome two-piece donned with heels.


Adidas stripes, or alternatives such as above, are one of the trademark looks for nailing the sports luxe trend. Kylie Jenner – the youngest Kardashian – is a huge supporter of the sports luxe style and her signature style is stripes, being a fan of Adidas and their infamous stripes. This has been transferred into the everyday look, with clothing such as those pictured above, being worn casually everyday, or even in the office (middle).

Mesh Jumpers

Mesh jumpers, like those pictured, are a great way to mix everyday wear with a sporty-look. The mesh is corespondent of basketball players, and a variety of designers have taken advantage of the trend to create these masterpieces. The middle picture is my favourite, with the mesh jumper being teamed with a skirt and clutch bag, creating a smart-casual look.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi is, without a doubt, the Queen of sports luxe. Her everyday looks are a perfect mix of casual everyday wear with sports elements. Her signature style is wearing trainers – god knows how many she actually owns.

With love,





I was walking through my local shopping centre the other day and came across this wonderful display based on sport – John Lewis does some beautiful brightly coloured sports wear if anyone’s interested!


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