How to Style Velvet in the Home

One of this season’s key  looks is all about rich tones, with velvet undoubtedly being the fabric of the season. Velvet is one of those materials that are soft and sophisticated, and winners in instantly adding a touch of glamour to any room. It’s versatile for any style and creates an aesthetic that looks amazing in bright colors, deep jewel tones and subtle, tranquil shades depending on your interior taste.

Interior designers are increasingly fixated with the idea of velvet-everything, upholstering items into royal-looking sofas and chairs, mirrors, headboards and ottomans. If you don’t feel like being too daring and upholstering furniture, even small accents, such as cushions, throws and lampshades are quickly becoming room masterpieces. Although the key to making velvet work is to not over do it, which can be hard.

Here are a few looks I’m loving at the moment and where you can get these beautiful velvet luxury items:


Velvet bedrooms are so chic and ooze luxury. Ottoman’s work well in bedrooms by providing a Princess-like air, without being too in-your-face. Alternatively, an upholstered chair, such as the shell-like one pictured, can work similarly in a smaller room, or even child’s room/nursery. The use, above, of pink and blue hues work beautifully in bedrooms, creating a serene and relaxing space.

Living Room

Velvet sofas and ottoman’s are a treat. They add a stunning pop of colour into the room without having to be too overpowering – particularly those in teal. Velvet cushions are a great way to make a statement too, like those pictured above in deep jewel tones. To avoid the ‘boudoir’ Princess feel, I suggest using dark green and blue hues in order to achieve a more contemporary look.

Additionally, curtains are a fantastic idea. You can add them to any room to create a warm-homely feel. The heavy texture is perfect for framing your windows and creating a wonderful silhouette. Another huge plus with velvet curtains – they’ll keep drafts at bay throughout the winter months.

Dining Room

Using velvet in the dining room is universal for any look, whether it be a traditional style (picture 4) or more contemporary (picture 3). Blue hues look gorgeous if you want to create a statement, without being too bold. Alternatively, natural tones such as cream also look great if you want your decor to be more muted and shabby chic-esque (picture 1). Basically, velvet looks great anywhere.

Some places to buy velvet items:

Cushions: John Lewis | The White CompanyMarks and SpencerDebenhamsDunelm Mill | IKEA

Sofas: Debenhams | IKEA | The White Company

OttomansDebenhams | The White Company

With love,



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