Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is fast approaching us, and whether you’re going out with your boyfriend for dinner, or going out for cocktails with the girls, we all want an outfit that can impress. For most girls – especially me – finding an outfit can be a stressful task. But I’ve tried to lend a helping hand and list my favourite styles you can wear this Valentine’s, whether you want to dress up or just be smart-casual (a winner).

Open-Backed Top

This outfit is definitely an outfit to impress. I love the simplicity of wearing a pair of jeans and a plain white top, which looks smart without being too casual.  I would pair this look with an over-sized black clutch bag and silver jewelry, accompanied by a bold red lip to add a bit of flirtiness.

Black Dress

You really can’t go wrong with a black dress. It’s something you can easily dress up for the evening, or make more casual depending on the setting. This black dress caught my eye due to the plunging neckline and the daring thigh split, which fits the occasion perfectly and will definitely make your Valentine say ‘wow’.

Off the Shoulder Top

Off the shoulder tops look great with whatever you pair them with – a skirt, a pair of jeans, culottes, a pinafore. Some people think this is a summer style top, however that couldn’t be more wrong. There’s something about the simplicity of top being off the shoulder that looks stunning and carries a flirty look, perfect for date night.


Jumpsuits look gorgeous – whatever the occasion may be, a jumpsuit will always do the job, and do it remarkably well. There are so many styles out there, but this particular look is beautiful. It’s not too over-the-top, which is my style down to a T. Teaming this look with a burgundy choker and matching clutch bag would be a perfect look for Valentine’s day.


Burgundy and Oxblood pieces are perfectly suited for Valentine’s day because to me they signify love which is what the day’s all about. I think a burgundy skirt, like the ones pictured, would be a gorgeous look for date night, which can be paired with a matching burgundy bag and simple accessories (such as nail varnish and lipstick) to make a statement.

P.S: New Look have just reduced a stunning dark red statement coat for just £33.74 – grab it before it’s too late!

Make a Statement

In the words of Marvin Gaye, “let’s get it on!

With love,




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