Graphic Tees: A Wardrobe Must-Have

Graphic tees are a super cool and super chic alternative to the average plain tees we all have stored away in our wardrobes and cupboards. Despite being a staple component to any outfit back in the day, there’s no denying that they’re back and they’re coming back full guns blazing. I’ve recently just purchased a few band tees – the ultimate statement item for an uber-cool rock chic style – and are my go-to for when I’m going for a more casual look. They’re so easy to style, cheap (Primark do loads) and adds a splash of personality to your outfit. Today I purchased a graphic tee from New Look for just £12.99 –  it’s choker detailing makes a statement in any outfit, whether paired with black jeans, a skirt or worn over-sized.

The graphic tee is suitable for any time of year and can be mixed and matched to create completely different looks: from over-sized tops becoming dresses, to a grungy look by adding a leather jacket, or paired with a clutch and heels to create a more feminine look (examples below).

I find the key to making this look is to layer – especially this season and more obviously in this Great British weather recently… brrrr. This can be by layering with a leather jacket, or an over-sized shirt to create a hipster-chic look, whatever style you prefer.

Some other looks:


Graphic tees can still look feminine, without being too casual and boring. Tees with an a leather skirt can look amazing – especially when paired with Chelsea boots. Alternatively, they can be made to look feminine and cute with a long-line pleated skirt (great from the Spring season), with heels and a clutch bag – the perfect kind of outfit for a meal out with friends.


When people think of graphic tees, they usually contain connotations of the ‘grunge’ hipster look. Over-sized shirts with tees and jeans, all black everything (my favourite – you can’t go wrong with black!) and bold, eye-catching designs.

Pull your graphic tees out of from the bottom of your wardrobe – they’re back in!

With love,



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