How to Choose the Perfect Front Door Colour

The front of your house says a lot about who you are and your personality, whether it’s modern and chic, bold and bright, or characterful with stained glass.You should never shy away from being bold and bright with your colour choices for your front door, it’s the first impression you give when people visit your home, so an excellent opportunity to showcase your personality and really add some curb appeal, as well as adding a splash of value too. I personally prefer old, character-filled homes, so old doors really take my fancy.

A little bit of effort goes a long way and switching up your front door colour can make a huge impact on curb appeal. In my opinion, a bright and colourful front door is quite welcoming and sets the tone for the rest of the house, injecting a splash of colour to your exterior and highlighting a more ambitious and playful side to your personality. A great idea is to juxtapose old historic architecture and building exteriors with bright, bold and fun painted front doors – particularly bare brick houses.

Going with dark colours creates a more sophisticated and sleek finish. They are more commonly used on modern houses, however they can be used to highlight character, particularly seen in homes in central London.

Get ready for some door envy…

Bright and bold

If you want like a statement stand-out front door, vibrant colours like pink, yellow, blue and red work a treat.Old doors, like the one’s pictured above, can be easily painted, allowing you to change up your exterior from season to season. A cheery yellow can complement bare brick beautifully, whereas a purple can give your home a modern feel and really turn people’s heads.

Neutrals and greys

If you don’t feel like being quite so adventurous and would prefer to play it safe, grey hues, black or greens are classic and sophisticated and add masses of curb appeal, especially to those characterful properties. Recently there has been a trend in greys and pastels being used frequently in interiors, but now people are also turning to these popular shades for their exteriors too.

Choosing a colour such as sage that takes inspiration from natural palettes can blend beautifully with the surrounding greenery of the outdoors.


If you have decided to steer clear of brights and opt for something more classic, such as black. To create a more traditional finish, use a high gloss.

What colour doors do you love the most?

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