Winter Layering

Despite the fact spring is almost nigh, the Great British weather is not going to improve much at all – as usual. If you’ve never been to England before, all you need to know is that it’s cold… very cold. An important way to stay warm through the cold months, but still look stylish and chic, is by mastering one simple thing: layering.

Layering can be challenging to pull off and can sometimes hide your figure, making you turn into more of a hippopotamus, or look like you’re just about to jump on a plane for a skiing holiday in the Alps. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. It is still possible to layer and still look fashionable and feel great.

Mastering winter layers is by no means easy – it’s an art and requires patience

To begin with, start of with layering thinner pieces of clothing: for example, wearing t-shirts under/over tops, cardigans, and then proceeding with coats and scarves over the top. Over-sized coats look great when layering; it means you can wear as many layers as you wish without it being too obvious – see picture 1 below.

Ultimately, the key to mastering layers is to start basic. When you first initially begin layering, you’ll want to go for the thickest items of clothing you own to bundle yourself up, but it’s important to resist the temptation – don’t just head for the chunkiest jumper in your wardrobe and be done with it. Instead it’s important to layer up elsewhere to keep you warm, especially if you’re always cold like me – honestly, I’m the type of person to find a cold breeze in 20-degree weather… As an alternative, wear a t-shirt underneath any outfit to add a bit of warmth, which prevents you from hiding your frame and looking like a heffalump (I know the feeling all too well).

This jumper is the definition of perfection – it looks warm, stylish and is, without a doubt, a statement piece to any outfit. The use of a shirt underneath the jumper creates a more formal/smart casual look.

When the temperature plummets to sub-zero temperatures, I always grab a pair of thick socks and wear them underneath a pair of tights or with trousers to ensure my feet don’t freeze. If your feet are cold, the likelihood your entire body will be too—no matter how many layers you’re wearing. Scarves are a fantastic way to keep warm whilst adding texture to your outfit too.

A frequent choice for me is wearing a top or shirt underneath a jumper (as pictured above) – a look that is so easy to re-create and effortless, yet looks great whether you’re popping to the shops or into the office.

Layering is key to mastering winter fashion

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