How to Recreate the Shimmery Undereye Trend

Traipsing through magazines and social media sites recently has alerted me to a new trend – the bronze/golden/brassy undereye, which is essentially a shimmery, highlighted line under the eye. The soft shimmery natural hues are so flattering on the eye and have been make-up professionals best kept secret for many years – until now that is.

This new trend creates the illusion that your eyes are much bigger and brighter, and most importantly more awake. I suppose it can be compared to contouring the eye, per se. The look is so subtle and is something that can be worn every day without requiring much time or effort being put in, which is great when you’re in a rush or on the go.

Matt colours are a great way to create definition to your eye, whilst shimmery colours create the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes. To mix them both, you could apply a matt colour to define the crease of the eye and apply the shimmery shade to the inner corners and bottom lashline, which complement each other perfectly. Although it must be pointed out that the shimmery shade works best on the inner and centre of the bottom lashline because adding the colour to the outer corners may decrease the definition of the eye and draw attention away from the new trend look.

Naked 2 Palette 

Pretty Little Liars actress, Shay Mitchell, has showcased this look multiple times, commonly using a taupe smudge under the eye which really helps to open the eye up without being too in-your-face. Her trademark style for this trend is to concentrate the colour on the middle of the bottom lashline and diffuse out towards the corners to create a more subtle and natural look.

Shay Mitchell

This look can be tweaked depending on your style. If you’ve got a date coming up –
Valentine’s is just around the corner – or a party, you can create a bold undereye smudge with any colour, from blue to pink to silver to green.

TIP: For best results, wet your brush and apply the colour you wish because it will allow for more precision. However, if you’d prefer a pencil, this will work just as well. Either way, your eye colour will certainly pop.

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