LFW ’17

London Fashion Week is now officially over and, as usual, the street style Queen’s were out in force showcasing styles ranging from girly ruffles and skirts, to feminine suits and plaid patterns. February’s Fashion Week was fabulous in every sense of the word – from the catwalk models, to the designers, to the street-stylers.

As opposed to the previous New York Fashion Week a few days before, London’s street style is less about the layers (possibly to do with the fact that the weather wasn’t in sub-zero temperatures and snowing) and more about bold spring colours and making an entrance.

Here are some of my favourite picks from the 5 days:

The ‘gender-less’ androgynous style was out in its forces over the week in various forms, both on and off of the runway, from suits to plaid patterns. On the street, an orange plaid two-piece suit and a mismatched three-hued skirt were just some of my favourite looks being snapped up by the paparazzi. Over-sized outfits, particularly in the form of coats and suits were a favourable choice for many.

This over-sized suit is the perfect androgynous street style look. 
Over-sized garments are everything.

Long-line coats are a fashion favourite this year at London Fashion Week, both dominating the street style scene and the catwalk. Many designers have created a classic contemporary feel to the long-line coat which will be on sale ready for Autumn/Winter 2017.

This is my favourite street style look of LFW – those patched jeans and shirt create a classic 90’s look, but in a modern way.
Long-line coats are still very much a part of the fashion scene. This green coat is stunning and right up my street style alley.

Just like NYFW, puffer jackets made a strong appearance in London too. Most attendees paired the over-sized garments with denim or sporty items to create a sports luxe outfit that looks chic and perfect, even for the FROW.

All black everything: This puffer jacket looks effortless with a sporty jumper, creating a super chic outfit.
Yellow + denim = winning combination.
Shearling coats are common this year in both NYFW and LFW. The pops of orange make a statement and up your street style game entirely.
Ruffles are everywhere right now. It’s all about texture.
Statement leaves have been a large part of LFW, this being one of my favourite looks.

Blue was found around every street corner – particularly in the form of denim. A large majority of the blue outfits contained elements of sportiness too, suggesting the sports luxe trend is still very much in fashion.

Sports luxe stripes are still ‘in’… and blue.
This picture is a fantastic example of a casual street style look that is effortless, but looks great.
This yellow fur coat really turns heads and is perfect for the chilly spring mornings and evenings.
This shade of yellow is my favourite.

Yellow, a.k.a the colour of the season, made an appearance countless times during the course of the week. My favourite looks are above, with the bright yellow fur jacket and yellow-tinted aviators, and the more subtle lemon coat. This shows two different ways you can wear the colour yellow and still look great.

A revolution?

We are beginning to witness somewhat of a revolution in the fashion world. Recently it has been more accepted for ‘plus-size’ models to walk the runway and they don’t have to be of a specific age either. Irish designer, Simone Rocha, made a statement in her fashion campaign by using several models whom were in their seventies.

Simone Rocha designs

As well as this, one recurring theme so far this week has been gender fluidity. We’ve seen men modelling what would traditionally have been seen as ‘women’s wear’ and vice versa. Many of the clothing brands have been designed to be deliberately unisex or androgynous – J. W Anderson, in particular, emphasising this with the idea that his clothes can be borrowed between sexes.

“Make a statement with fashion”

With love,



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