Affordable Nail Polish

Painting your nails can be a tedious job and time-consuming to some, but it can make all the difference to your look. It is often said that taking time to paint your nails not only can be therapeutic but can look great too, with thousands upon thousands of colours available that enable you to match with an outfit, or simply brush on a natural nude colour to create a polished look.

I, for one, am a bit of a nail polish freak. I am rarely seen without polish on my nails, and that’s not because I’m high maintenance but because I find it’s one of the best de-stressors around. I am also obsessed with colour-coordination so any chance I get to mix and match my nail varnish to my outfits, I do. To many this will sound like an expensive habit, but with the right products you can get affordable salon-quality nails that can last for a long time without having to spend a fortune.

“sometime’s the cheapest of the cheap work just as well as an expensive brand such as Dior”

Inspired by the SS17 fashion weeks, here are some of my nail varnish must-haves for your beauty cupboard:



Everyone needs a nude in their life. Whether it be a subtle nude pink or a light coffee shade, they can be perfect if you want to paint your nails but don’t want to draw too much attention. Nude shades are always my go-to in the autumn months and the changing of season in between winter and spring.

OPI ‘Fiji Collection: Coconuts Over OPI’ 12.50 | Rimmel London ‘Rain Rain Go Away’ 2.99 | Nails Inc ‘Montpelier Walk’ 15.00 | Nails Inc ‘Future’s Bright’ 15.00



Like nudes, grey and taupe shades are similar in that they go with any outfit – a great neutral tone. They are are perfect for the transition into spring, as well as the winter months. A pale grey shade is ideal for brighter months when we tend to wear lighter and brighter colours, whereas a darker taupe shade is more suited to autumn and winter months when the weather is dull.

Essie ‘Merino Cool’ 7.99 | No7 ‘Moonlit Shadow’ 6.00 | OPI ‘Set in Stone’ 13.95 | Nails Inc ‘The Thames’ 14.00 | Nails Inc ‘Hyde Park Place’ 15.00



The thought of white nail polish always used to make me feel uneasy… that was until I tried it. It is surprisingly sophisticated and creates a chic look that can be used as an everyday colour or for an event.

No7 ‘In The Stars’ 6.00 | OPI ‘Alpine Snow’ 12.50 | H&M ‘Whiteout’ 3.99 | Nails Inc ‘White Horse Street’ 14.00


Swap your winter colours cherry and burgundy for an orange-y pink hue for spring and summer months. These shades look superb when the sunshine is glistening because it really helps to accentuate the colour and make a statement.

OPI ‘I Eat Mainely Lobster’ 12.50 | H&M ‘Orangeade’ 3.99 | Rimmel London ‘Tangerine Tent’ or ‘Neon Fest’ 2.99 | Barry M ‘Orange’ 3.99 | Nails Inc ‘West End’ 15.00



Blue seems to be one of the colours of the season, with blue hues being a familiar sight during both New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. These blue shades were spotted on many high-profile catwalks, in particular Gucci. Blue looks stylish, specifically OPI’s Can’t Find My Czechbook, and is perfect for a holiday manicure and pedicure.

OPI ‘Can’t Find my Czechbook’ 12.50 | Rimmel London ‘Bestival Blue’ 2.99 | H&M ‘Surfs Up’ 3.99 | Barry M  ’17’ 3.99 | No7 ‘Stand Back’ 6.00 | Nails Inc ‘Baker Street’ 15.00



Yellow hues are perfect for spring and summer months as they go perfectly with light outfits, such as white, which make the colour pop and instantly make you feel more summery. With yellow being the colour of the season, team your yellow garments with a splash of yellow nail polish and create a statement.

No7 ‘Sunbeam’ 6.00 | Dior ‘Early’ 19.50 | Essie ‘Aim to Misbehave’ (1000th shade) 6.76

Be brave and daring!

With love,



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