How to do the “One-Toned Face”

One trend that was used – and by no means abused – in last month’s fashion week was the fabulous one-toned face. It doesn’t sound too catchy, I admit, but it’s been frequently used by make-up artists on models for a quick chic look during shows as it uses just one product for the eyes, cheeks and lips. Clever right? This is definitely a make-up trend to attempt.

The one-toned face look is perfect for sunny weather, giving you a fresh and dewy complexion which requires minimal effort. Win-win. All you need at hand is your normal, everyday foundation, mascara and a product, preferably of a powder consistency, to use on your face to add colour. Personally, I would suggest using a subtle colour in order to create an au natural, ‘barely there’ look – think nudes and pink, nothing too dark. Benefit’s new Galifornia blush is ideal for this look due to the peach-pink blush with a golden shimmer creating a gorgeous dewy, sun-kissed glow.

NEW: This blusher would be perfect – the beautiful blend of bright pink with a shimmer of gold in the centre aims to give you a warm California sunshine glow

For most people, finding a product to match your eye shadow, your cheeks and lips can be a struggle, so a make-up trend that uses just one product is a god-send – I wish someone had spoken about it sooner! Despite the fact it might seem a little bit ‘samey’, it doesn’t have to look like that; it’s all in the way you apply the product to the face, creating varied tones but using just one colour.

Essentially you apply your foundation, or tinted moisturiser, as normal and add the product to the apples of your cheeks. Then you apply the same colour to the eyelid: buffing the colour onto the lid and blending outwards, creating a pop of colour. This is the reason I suggest using a nude/pink colour because it’s not too dark or bold, which ultimately results in stunning natural look. Next is the lips – I recommend applying a lip balm or a similar coloured lipstick to your lips before pressing the powder in, in order to make it stay in place for a long period of time. Et voila – it’s as simple as that.

Lisa Potter-Dixon – Benefit head make-up artist and brow expert – showing the one-toned face on a model for Wonderland magazine

Who knew a make-up look could be so easy?

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P.S:  One of my favourite make-up artists, Benefit professional Lisa Potter-Dixon, tried this look using Benefit’s brand new Galifornia blush and the results were effortless. See Lisa’s most recent YouTube video (here) where she speaks about the one-toned look and shows you how to do it! (Jump to 13.47)

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