How to Create Balance in the Home

Creating the right balance in life is important, between work, family/friends and your own free time. The same goes for your home. Each room must have the right balance to ensure it isn’t too cluttered or too busy. Here are some of my top tips:

Establish a Focal Point

Where does the eye naturally land when entering the room? This is the first thing that you should consider when designing and decorating any space. This can be something like a fireplace, or a piece of art, but it doesn’t have to be such an obvious focal point. Just remember, don’t make it anything that is too small, or tucked too far away – the whole point is for it to be the focus of attention in your room.

Farmhouse shabby chic living room with distressed brick, distressed wood mantle, antique white ornate mirror:

Kitchen organising idea #5: Make use of any empty space – the hearth of an old fireplace is perfect for books | #IKEAIDEAS from @yvestown and #IKEAFAMILYMAGAZINE:

What to do with an empty fireplace | Ask Apartment Apothecary:

Select Furniture That Is the Appropriate Scale for Your Room

A tiny—or huge—couch can ruin a room immediately. The same goes for rugs, coffee tables, and just about everything else. My top tip is to not pick furniture because you love it. Think is it practical and will it work? Scale is incredibly important when decorating or designing your home.

High & Low: A Scandi-Traditional Style Dining Room | Apartment Therapy:


Pastels | perfect for a spring makeover:

Give Your Room at Least One Centre Point

In a bedroom, it’s often the bed itself; in a dining room, the table. But if you have an especially large living room, don’t rely on just one coffee table. Make two groupings of furniture instead to fill out the space evenly.

Chic living room:

14 years and countless commutes later, Eva and Chris are ready for a change. While Chris is more than happy to stay put, it's Eva that I have to convince ... and I know that she…:


Vary Heights

A living room could be fully furnished but still feel slightly off. What’s often the issue? All pieces are the same low height. Tall items are generally difficult to find but are essential to any successful room. Consider standing lamps or large plants as an easy fix.

Rose and Grey brass deco coffee table:

Herfst teinten. Met producten van Zuiver: Metal Bow Copper, Cupid Copper en Antique Copper bijzettafel.:

Good luck!

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10 thoughts on “How to Create Balance in the Home

  1. This is super helpful, I’m currently hunting around for inspiration to fix up my room, as I’m feeling the need for a little bit of change. Great ideas (and gorgeous photos) here!

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