Don’t Brush Your Mental Health Under The Carpet

Reblogged for #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek đź’“

Victoria Affleck

Over the last few days it has been brought to my attention via the news that the number of Bristol student’s that have commit suicide this academic year has increased to five. It deeply saddens me that people are not getting the help they want and, very much, need in this day and age at university. It’s about time this is changed, and universities should step up and acknowledge that mental health is far too easily brushed under the carpet. Despite the fact many universities have counselling in place for those who may need it, they are more often than not, useless.

I’m not somebody to talk about how I feel and usually tend to bottle up my thoughts and feelings, until I end up reaching breaking point. My boyfriend should be mentioned here, because without his constant love, support and care, I have become much better at this. But…

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