How to Make Stairs a Focal Point

Staircases are often a neglected part of our homes, yet they run through the very heart of them. Just because they are stairs, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t reflect your style in the same way the rest of your house oozes personality.

There are several ideas available for making your staircase a little more stylish, so it’s definitely something to consider doing when redecorating your home, or completing a full home renovation project. Spending a bit of time and energy modernising your staircase can make the world of difference, and really give your entrance hall the ‘wow‘ factor.

The options for solid wood staircases are endless, so if you are considering replacing yours, think about ash, maple, walnut and oak finishes. Most importantly, choose wood that matches the timber elements of the rest of your home, to create a cohesive look. Alternatively, a cantilevered staircase can create a dramatic look in a modern interior – the same way a spiral staircase would.

If your current staircase structure is solid and doesn’t need to be replaced, think about upgrading and modernising. Banisters are a key part of staircases, and need to link in with the architecture of the rest of your home. For example, if you have a modern house, look to use sympathetic materials or complimentary colours.

However, most people forget about the main element of the stairs themselves – the “riser” part. The choices are countless options for adding a little chic to your house, including using blackboard paint, creating a ombre effect or even using tiles to create a antique-characterful appearance.

If space is a premium in your home, or if you are after a contemporary look, consider a glass paneled staircase. These are perfect for letting in light to the room and making it seem larger than it is. Or even think about incorporating storage options under the stairs – a major plus for modern home-buyers today.

Get decorating!

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Pictures: Pinterest

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