Style Files: The Trouser Edit

Since the beginning of spring, I have vowed to ditch the ever-growing pile of black skinny jeans I tend to live in, and be more adventurous in my trouser buying. From that moment onwards, I’ve been obsessing over trousers, whether they’re straight-legged, mom jeans, frilly, wide-legged or culottes – I want them all.

Since the weather has taken a positive turn in England, my confidence has been heightened and I’ve finally begun to step out of my comfort zone. Despite the fact I adore bright colours and unique prints, I must admit I’m sometimes a little too self-conscious to wear them myself. But now, a love for over-the-top trousers has been born and I’m never going back.

The more ‘out there‘, the better!

Over the last few weeks I have been living day in, day out in my navy blue Zara culottes, which I bought in the sale last year for £4. Bargain, I know! To begin with I didn’t actually think I’d wear them and I bought them simply because they were £4 and I knew that for Zara, that was unheard of. I can’t get enough of culottes now – whenever I spot some, I immediately want them. Looks like I’ve got a very expensive wardrobe refresh to do…

Here is a round up of my favourite street style trouser looks:

Frills are everywhere this season | This street style look is definitely a head-turner
Whether you’re heading out and about, to the office or a date, you can never go wrong with stripes | Pair with mules, like above, for a sophisticated look
These trousers take flares to a whole new level, but how gorgeous do they look with that leather jacket?
Green + black = a winning combination
Yet again, stripes are making an appearance – can you tell I’m obsessed? | This mix of mustard, orange, black and white is a stunning summery combination
This look is the ultimate date night look | Team frilly straight leg trousers with a transparent lace/mesh long-line top for a fashionable, sophisticated and feminine ensemble
This colour is one of my all-time favourites | Rust/burnt orange is a colour that looks stunning all year round and goes with anything
Flared culottes are taking over my wardrobe this spring | they’re so stylish and look great with whatever you pair them with, like these calf boots

[Pictures courtesy of Pinterest]

What’s your favourite look?

With love,



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