The Best Swimwear Buys This Summer

Summer clothes are speedily appearing in shops wherever you go. Winter feels like a lifetime ago now that we’re into the full swing of spring, and summer is fast approaching (thank god) and that means shops are out in their forces stocking up with holiday attire, and in particular: bathing suits.

Despite the fact I have no where booked this year, it doesn’t hurt to look and hope. Wherever you go, the holiday section of the vast majority of retail stores sell swimsuits and bikini’s in a multitude of colours and designs to suit your style and body shape. Searching and trying on swimming attire is one of my favourite things to do whilst getting ready for a holiday – perhaps because it hits home that I finally get to escape the unpredictable English weather (a place that still has a sky full of clouds and frequently rains in the summer)…

One particular high street store is ticking all of the boxes this year, and has the approval of a number of Instagram stars and bloggers, and it’s Primark. Some people have a love-hate relationship with Primark, but it’s hard to hate a shop that is so cheap when you’re a student or starting out in the big working world on a few pennies a week! Yes, I will admit that the quality isn’t always on the mark, but how can you complain when you’re buying a dress for £8, or a t-shirt for £4? But their bathing collection is something to snatch up quickly, because I doubt they’re going to be in stock for too long!

Take a look for yourself…

Their collection features this mermaid-style swimsuit that even Ariel would be proud of. The unicorn inflatable (similar to Sarah Ashcroft’s ‘Flowts’ unicorn priced at £89) is also available in store for just £10 | @federica_of_rose
Primark bikini’s are all you need to get heads turning this summer with a large selection of mix and match looks to choose from, like this blue combo worn by UK blogger Charlotte | @ch32 | Top £8 / Bottoms £2
For the ladies that prefer an all-in-one, Primark has a gorgeous selection of chic swimming costumes that will have you looking holiday ready in a matter of seconds. This ‘MERMAID LIFE’ slogan swimsuit is everything our inner girly girl is screaming out for! | @ankatrien
A halter neck bikini top will not only provide you with the ultimate pin-up girl silhouette, but the classic shape will also give you the support you need to feel comfortable whilst sitting poolside or at the beach | @jolielot | Top £3 / Bottoms £3


Here is @jolielot again wearing the ‘MERMAID LIFE’ all-in-one, with a large swan inflatable, also available in Primark stores | Swimsuit £4
This striped nautical number is the perfect piece for your holiday wardrobe. Wear underneath distressed denim shorts and a loose shirt or kimono for a signature city break look | @anouskapb | Inflatable drink float £1
Anouska’s Instagram features another all-in-one swimsuit, with illustrations of all things summer – pineapples, palm trees and exotic birds | @anouskapb | Left swimsuit £10

(Bikini in the cover photo: top £3 / bottoms £3)

What do you think of Primark’s bathing beauties this year?

With love,



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