Let’s be honest, we’d all love to be a little like Alexa Chung.  Smart, stylish and cool. And now that her much-anticipated clothing collection is here, we can.

Her label, AlexaChung, was debuted on Wednesday (31st) at the Danish Church of Saint Katharine in Regent’s Park in a wedding-themed runway. The concept of the wedding theme had come about after Alexa had been joking about marrying herself to this brand. She wanted it to feel “ceremonial”  and “to bring a sense of occasion to the unveiling of the collection”.

With over 150 items, there’s plenty to choose from, from super chic party dresses with Glamour Girl written all over them, to delicate and pretty day pieces, to shoes and even accessories. Thankfully we don’t have to wait too long for the next installment as Alexa claims she will produce 4 in-season collections a year (but only available from select retailers including, Selfridges, Net-A-Porter, Matches and Mytheresa) – what a time to be alive!

Some of us may have expected to see her infamous, signature Peter Pan collars, but whilst talking to Vogue earlier this year, she said the collection has ‘had to avoid the obvious’. She wanted to create clothing that had a distinct “Alexa” touch, but wasn’t necessarily too predictable, which she certainly has delivered. In a recent interview, Alexa suggested that she would wear “nearly all” of her collection, bar a couple of pieces, giving us an idea of just how stylish her collection is.

“I’m always drawn to traditions, so I wanted the brand to be traditional… But also weird. Unexpected” – Alexa Chung

Harley Viera-Newton, a model and DJ, best known for her work in Vogue and Elle magazines says “one of [Alexa’s] greatest qualities is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously”, and that’s what we see in her debut collection – unique, but stylish – just like Alexa herself.

Take a look at a snippet of the collection:

An Alexa Chung classic: the collared shirt
Dungaree lovin’
Frills and floral are a summery match made in heaven
The trench coat is one of Alexa’s signature looks
Stripes are prevalent throughout the collection
Stripes + denim = retro chic
You can never go wrong with a bit of leather

Prices range from £75 for a T-shirt to £1,350 for a suede jacket, placing her in the ‘luxury’ price bracket, but understandably for the chic styles and air of opulence in her collection. The collection can be found at

What’s your favourite piece?

With love,



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