Interior Design: Hanging pictures

Hanging up pictures, much like painting them, is a balancing act of spacing, colour and proportion. Any expert curator or interior designer knows that the way art is displayed is vital to ensure the effect of the picture transforms not just to the space it is in, but to the feeling the picture gives off.

Whether you are hanging posters, printed photos, Polaroids or a Picasso painting, the truth is, virtually anything can look good when framed and hung properly – and it’s easier than you think to get it right.

Here are some of my top tips:

  1. Preparation

Whether you have a flair for art, or you are a beginner, the great thing about gallery walls is that there are simply no rules. However, the trick is to find the artwork that works well and compliments each other, to create a visually pleasing finished product.

When trying to pick which pictures to hang, it is important to be brutal. Take a handful of the art and/or pictures you wish to hang and choose which ones you want in the space. Although, perhaps the most difficult thing is deciding where to hang your desired pieces. If the space isn’t very big, placing pictures on every wall in sight can make the room looked cramped, and too much like an art gallery. Instead, it is worth picking just one wall for an abundance of pictures, posters and art, to prevent the room from feeling cluttered.

  1. Arranging

Once you’ve picked the pictures you wish to hang up, lay all of your artwork on the floor and begin arranging it. This can take some time to get right, but this is the fun part as you can be as creative as you like by using different shapes, styles and coloured frames.

It is worth beginning with the main picture which will act as a focal point – this can be the largest picture or even a photograph that may be of significance to you. After that, start building around it and creating a wall that brings your room together. Take design cues from the rest of the room – for example, if your room is ‘old’ and rustic-looking, you’ll want to echo the same feeling with your frames and artwork too; the same goes for a sleek and modern finish.

  1. Hanging

picture-wall-how-to-momtasticHanging art is difficult to do alone and should really be a two-man job as you need someone who can stand back and be your eyes, to check whether the positioning is just right. In my opinion, when hanging pictures, it looks great when the arrangement is unnatural and placed randomly. However, if you do wish to have exact measurements to create a neat finish, use a tape measure, a pencil and a level.

Hanging art at eye level is the average. You’ll want the centre of the piece to be about 5 feet up on the wall. This isn’t the same for every room, however if you’re hanging a painting over a sofa or side table, make sure it’s centred both vertically and horizontally. Furthermore, it is always wise to purchase some picture wire and D-rings, just in case your frame doesn’t have them, or if you want to change the orientation of the frames.

A subtle way of hanging photographs is through hanging Polaroid pictures. Whatever the style of your home, Polaroid’s are perfect and they never go out of style.

Recently, I partnered up with photo-print company, Printiki – a fantastic service where you can print photos of all kinds, straight from an app on your phone, straight to your front door. It is as simple as that. So, whether you are looking for photographs to add to a scrap-book, or want little keepsakes to hang around the house, from squares to Polaroid prints – they’ve got it all.


If you want to print off your memories to keep forever then you can get free shipping with Printiki with my code: FYHN7GP7

Have a lovely evening!

With love,



Disclaimer: This post includes gifted items. All opinions and words are my own.

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