It’s Time for Universities to Step Up Their Mental Health Support

For #UniMentalHealthDay today, I am re-sharing my University story in order to help others understand that it’s okay not to be okay. If you are going through something similar right now, please remember, things will get better – I promise.

Victoria Affleck

When you begin applying to university, all you ever hear being echoed left, right and centre by teachers, university students and lecturers is: “You’ll love it” and “It’ll be the best time of your life“. This may be the case for the majority, but it is simply not the case for everyone. Mental health at university exists in a whole different realm to mental health anywhere else and it’s time that it is acknowledged, by everyone  not just students and university staff. Mental health doesn’t play by the rules and everything can change in an instant, and people’s dreams of having “the best time ever” at university can be entirely misconstrued.

A few years ago, on results day, I was given the most exciting news: I was accepted into my first-choice university and I was thrilled to be enrolling as a History and Politics undergraduate student…

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