How to Style the Industrial Trend

I have always had a soft spot for industrial style interiors, which is evident in my endless pins of the style on Pinterest. The industrial style resembles a look similar to most old factories and industrial spaces, showcasing neutral tones, utilitarian objects, and wood/metal surfaces. The result: a ‘warehouse look’ that combines the industrial feel with other styles to create a more homely and inviting space, other than ‘unfinished’ like the appearance of most warehouses.

Many interior design enthusiasts incorporate the industrial style into their homes, highlighting it’s popularity, through features such as stainless steel surfaces, metal light fixtures and vintage furniture, complemented by a neutral/one-tone colour scheme.

One of my favourite looks for the industrial style is exposed wire. To me, it is the embodiment of the industrial style design, along with stunning subway-style tiles or bare brick and mesh boards. Mesh mood-boards are commonly found in offices for a modern look, although I think they are best suited to an industrial style kitchen (see pictured) where pans, utensils and even herbs can be placed.


Industrial kitchen’s are my favourite by a long mile. The use of blackboard paint and metal work perfectly well in creating the most gorgeous interior that will make everyone jealous. Exposed wire metal light fittings work a treat here, complementing the mismatched dining chairs (picture 3) and contrasting the brass (picture 2).

Living Room

These industrial style living room’s capture the industrial style beautifully by the use of exposed brick and light fixtures. The plain, one-tone colour scheme makes the room’s feel like a warehouse, yet homely at the same time with the introduction of cushions, rugs and plants.


The industrial style detestes doors and is a lover of exposure, which is evident above. An alternative to walls and a door is a glass wall which allows plenty of light into a room making it light, airy and open-plan – perfect for a studio apartment. I love the idea of open wardrobe spaces, and if kept tidy can look beautiful (probably not the best idea for my clothes…)

What’s your favourite part of the industrial style?

With love,




Mesh is one of my favourite looks for the industrial style and it is so easy to replicate without breaking the bank and costing an arm and a leg. Mesh isn’t the easiest of materials to locate, but a local art store (e.g. Hobbycraft), or building material supplier (Wickes), should have it in stock.

Once your mesh is acquired, the hardest part, all you have to do is pin it to the wall. This can be anywhere, from the kitchen, to your desk, to your bedroom – whatever your preference. A scroll through Pinterest highlights the popularity of the industrial style mesh moodboard above desks in offices and bedrooms, entwined with fairy-lights, motivational words and pictures – very Tumblr-esque and definitely Insta-worthy.

Tip: For a more bold look, you could paint the mesh black. 

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