Dulux Colour of the Year: Denim Drift

Denim Drift‘, Dulux‘s colour of the year for 2017, is a soft and soothing grey-blue hue and has been described as a ‘must-have‘ by colour and design experts at the UK’s leading paint brand. It doesn’t come as a surprise to me that Denim Drift is the favourite colour of the moment because it reflects every day living – blue is all around us: from as far as the sky above us, to the clothes we wear day-in-day-out.

Denim Drift is a calming, versatile colour, which can fit into any interior design style, from the classic traditional style, to eclectic industrial, to simple Scandinavian. The colours complement a wide range of colours, particularly neutral colours (such as pastels or white) or other blue hues, to create a gorgeous cosy living space for your hallway, bedroom, living room or even kitchen – it doesn’t fail to impress.

Some may be put off by painting block colours on their walls, but in my opinion, Denim Drift is the perfect colour to trial it out. It’s not too dark and offers a relaxing feel to the room, cancelling out any stresses and making you feel at home, which is the most important thing.

The use of Denim Drift on the far wall complements the neutral modern white kitchen beautifully.
Denim Drift can be used on accents to create a statement to any room. This fireplace looks gorgeous and emphasises its character perfectly.
For me, Denim Drift is the perfect neutral for a nursey, which can be accessorised with pastel pink or blue once the new arrival has arrived.

“With denim blue set to dominate the interior and fashion trend agenda for 2017, Denim Drift is the perfect fit to reflect the times we live in, that real desire for simplicity”

Rebecca Williamson, Dulux Colour and Design Trend Expert

The use of Denim Drift here is complemented well with the grey furniture and teal cushions, creating a warm and homely Scandinavian space. 
Denim Drift is a great colour for any room, particularly a bedroom. It creates a soft, relaxing space to de-stress after a long day. 
Dulux’s colour of the year ambassador, Rochelle Humes.

Singer-turned-presenter, Rochelle Humes, has been branded as the Dulux’s face of Denim Drift. It is fitting that Rochelle has been named the ambassador as she is very much a family-orientated woman, with a keen interest in clothes and, in particular, interior design (seen on her Instagram).

She says, “There’s nothing better than coming home and just closing the door on everything and surrounding yourself with family and home comforts”. 

With Rochelle currently being heavily pregnant and decorating their new house with her singer-turned-DJ Marvin Humes, there’s no doubt I’m sure Denim Drift will be featuring somewhere in their home decorating.

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