How to Wear the Glossy Lid Trend

Over the last few months the glossy lid trend has taken a long list of celebrities and bloggers by a storm. It’s a look that most of us love, but feel it’s hard to pull off in day-to-day life. However that’s not the case – it’s totally wearable when you know how and if you use the right products (according to make up artists), without looking sticky or sweaty.

The ‘jelly eye’, or also known as the ‘wet-eye look’, has gone viral since the beginning of the year, with searches on Pinterest and social media increasing tenfold, particularly after New York and London Fashion Week where a number of fashion designers showcased the glossy eye.

Forget glossy lips. Now it’s all about those glossy lids

How do I do it?

Essentially, you place a gloss-like product onto your eye-lid and just pat it into place, et voila! It doesn’t have to be perfect – that’s the beauty of it. Sometimes a more ‘lived-in’ eye look creates a flirtier appearance, much like a smokey eye too. That is simply it. There is nothing more to it. It literally takes two minutes – if that – that’s the benefit of it. So, if you’re ever in a rush doing your make up and need a simplistic, yet stylish, go-to look, the glossy eye is for you.

Over the last month, it’s quickly becoming one of the biggest summer make up trends, with a plethora of models, celebrities and make up artists showcasing their work of ‘art’ – make up is basically a form of art, right?

The ‘pro’ way

Bobbi Brown senior pro make up artist, Hannah Martin, is frequently seen on Snapchat and Instagram showcasing the glossy look, and often posts tutorials on how to achieve the popular trend. She has a YouTube channel where she does this, but despite the fact she does not post often, when she does it is simply a treat. I say “quality over quantity”. Click here to find out how a Bobbi Brown professional make up artist creates the glossy eye look.

What do you think of this look?

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